About Me


My name is Martin, I work as a consultant for a partner in Switzerland. I am very focused on VMware products. I have worked in the IT sector in the past 20 years I am from Denmark originally but have spent most of my career outside Denmark in some larger corporations around in the World, I started my career in Scotland, before moving to Greece and now I am living in Switzerland.

I got into VMware products back in 2002 with ESX 1.5 around the patch 1 status (The brown/yellow interface days). Since then I have worked with every ESX/ESXi version released and started with vCenter around version 2. Since then I have expanded on my knowledge and areas of interest. I have held VCP status since September 2012, which has then since grown steadily, advancing into vCAPs also, the last of which I got in September 2019. Since I (finally) got started on my blog, this got me into the vExpert program in 2019 also, which is something I am very happy about.





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