Getting into Aruba networking

This page is generally for things related to Aruba. It came around because I have wanted to pick up on the topic for a while now and since I got the nod at work, here we are. I wanted to go with the Mobile certification because I haven’t done much with WLAN technology so far other than what the average home user has done. So I am happy to be able to dive into a more professional  area of this technology.

So I will start at the basics and move from there. I managed to secure a “loaner” AP-325 from HPE (much appreciated by the way) to dip my feet, and the approach is to start basically with what an average home user would do with an access point and then move on deeper from there. The goal of the exercise is to cover what I can to an associate level and then move to professional level (though that will require some other and more serious equipment).

You can find more information about the AP-325 here.

Time to get started:

Aruba AP-300 series first steps


Virtual Mobility Controller and Mobility Master appliances:

Aruba VMC and MM virtual appliance deployment


The ClearPass solution:

Aruba ClearPass Server – Deploying the appliance (Part 1)

Aruba ClearPass Server – Initial configuration (Part 2)