CCNA – 200-301 Preparation


this is just a quick page I threw together to go on a bit about the new CCNA as a prep guide. I will try to cover each section here as I go along and also give an idea for things to try out to understand each section better.

It will be available to book from February 24th 2020.

It will be a single exam that replaces all the current CCNA paths out there. There is no CCENT exam any more, you simple take the CCNA exam and that is it. The exam does expire after 3 years as the current CCNA does. Instead of 90 minutes for the exam, you have 120 minutes for the new exam.

You can find more about the exam here, The thorough description of the exam is here.

There are 6 sections in the new exam, I am listing the main parts here and will dive further in as I go through each section. The first two sections are 20% each, Section 3 is 25%, 4 and 6 is 10% each and the 5th topic is the remaining 15%.

1: Network fundamentals (20)

2: Network Access (20)

3: Ip Connectivity (25)

4 IP Services (10)

5: Security Fundamentals (15)

6: Automation and Programmability. (10)

To help with certain aspects of the preparation I setup a test lab consisting of a couple of 3750 switches and  3 2600 series routers. I figure this should be more than enough to let me test out various almost all features. The setup is like the below:


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