Creating the vyOS vm

Deploying the VyOS router is relatively straight forward. This router will be the base part for various scenarios and will have one link to the internet through the NAT connection. I created a table for this because it makes it relatively easy to see what goes where and will help later when the router part is being configured. I also created the table because the ports are not always as you’d expect them to be. As you can see the first two are ok, 3, 2, 4 are a bit interchanged.

Next you need to download the ISO, this can be downloaded as a “nightly” release here.

Create the VM

Once that is done we need to create the vm that will host the software and then we do the configuration.

I suggest to use a custom vm because we nee to change one or two things.

In general you go through the steps selecting:

1 CPU with 1 core

512 mb ram (You can select more, I did not because I want to keep things small for the lab itself).

4 GB disk should be more than enough.

the first nic (will be eth0) should be the NAT, that will be the outside interface. You can select what you want here but update the table above accordingly).

After this is done you can start the installation.