Log Insight 8.1 – Problems with Hostname and no content packs

After the release of vRealize Log Insight 8.1 there were a few issues that came into view.

VMware released KB articles for both within weeks.

DNS name is set to localhost

The first issue is that when you deploy or upgrade vRealize Log Insight the hostname is reset to hostname. This is described in the following KB.

to do a quick show case here are two ways where you can see what am referring to:


Under DNS name you can see that the hostname is localhost, despite me having entered aoclog04 during the installation.

Same thing if you connect to the SSH:


The IP is configured ok. So there are a few ways to correct this. I have done it before by just copying the content of the /etc/hosts folder and manually adjusting the IP/Hostname (Before the release of the kb).

However there is an other way as described in the kb is quite simply to run a command in SSH. (hostname should be FQDN as you are requested to during the ova deployment).

/opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_set_hostname hostname


(the path in ssh will change after disconnecting and logging in again).

In vCenter you should be able to confirm the name of the host under DNS name



Content Packs not available

The second issue is that you cannot access the marketplace when logging into vRealize Log Insight. You simply get a blank screen or a circle running.

This one is described in the following KB.


For this one there are two work arounds. You can either go to the Solution Exchange and download the management packs you need and then manually add them by clicking the”Import Content pack” link in the upper left corner. (I covered this for the NSX-T pack here.

The other way to get access to the content packs is to connect to the vRealize Log Insight instance via the IP instead of FQDN.

Now as you can see when connected you get the marketplace …


and the Updates:


As mentioned in the KB fixes are coming but no date is announced for this.