VMware NSX-T 2.5

I decided to dive into NSX-T for a couple of reasons, first because it is the product taking over from NSX-V when this goes end of life. Secondly it makes sense to know a bit about NSX-T and how it works with vRealize Automation. Thirdly it means I get to play with NSX-T and learn more about it and hopefully replace some hardware bits along the line.

The way forward will be similar to what I did on vRA, I will cover and setup the product first. Still working along the lines of my lab setup and then start getting more into depth with the products capabilities. I don’t expect it to be a short series or similar more like a “lessons learned” kind of approach and that it will grow as time goes along.

The general build up of the initial series will be along the lines of what is recommended as an approach from the NSX-T installation guide, a troubleshooting post and a day two/operations section for updates whenever I find them.


1: NSX-T Prerequisites

2: NSX-T 2.5 Deploying the NSX Manager

3: NSX-T Connect to the vCenter Server

4: NSX-T Clustering the NSX Manager nodes

5: NSX-T Snapshots and Backup settings

Operations topics



NSX-T Troubleshooting Topics (Cont. draft mode)