NSX-T Connect to the vCenter Server

So next lets connect the vCenter to NSX-T.

Before doing this you need to create a role in the vCenter, and there is a list of requirements that the role must have:


  • Again if you did not do this earlier, verify the supported vSphere version.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 communication with the vCenter.
  • Verify that you use the recommended number of Compute Managers on Configuration Maximums.
  • One important thing to mention is that you can only register vCenter to one NSX Manager.

The other task is to create a user with the role assigned, so as to avoid having everything assigned to the default vCenter administrator. I added an user called NSXAdmin to my setup and assigned it the role of NSX-T-Manager

With that all done it is time to add the vCenter to one of the NSX Managers.

You will need the following information:

  • Name and Description of vCenter
  • Domain name/IP
  • Type
  • Username/Password
  • Thumbrint

In NSX Manager go to System -> Fabric -> Compute Managers -> Add


Fill in the prepared information from above.

If you thumbprint is blank, the manager will prompt you to accept the cert thumbprint.

Afterwards you should have something similar to this:


If you have errors during the registration you can click on the “Not Registered” in status.


This will give you the error and you can then click it and click on resolve, which will give you more information on the error (In my case user/password related).