VRA – Installation troubleshooting scenarios

I found that I come across certain problems quite often while installing VRA. So I thought I would share a few of these scenarios here. I guess it may well grow over time too 🙂

Scenario 1:

The second scenario is that you get an error during the SQL part.

During the installation of the SQL part you encounter the following error:

Message: (10008) Another instance of the component is already installed on this server.

Description: Check the connectivity between VA and the Management Agent.

To resolve this, first check if you have the Database installed on the SQL server, if you do, remove it.

Secondly, remove the “VMware vCloud Automation Center Server” from add remove programs. Then try the step again.


Scenario 2:

During the Web part of the installation you get the following subset of errors:


This requires a bit more actions. The first one, 10008 you can follow the steps from scenario 2.

For the next three you need to go into IIS and remove some settings there.

For 10041 you need to remove the Repository site as the error says. Go to Sites in IIS manager, go under “Default Web Site” and locate the “Repository” page and right click it and select remove.


For 10042 you need to remove the RepositoryAppPool in IIS Manager. This is found under the Application pools, right click it and remove it.


For 10043, you need to go to the IIS Manager and under Sites, right click and locate Site bindings. Remove the https connection.