vRLI 8 – Adding content packs

Like with vRealize Operations, one of the strengths for vRealise Log Insight is that you can add content packs for your environment.

There are two ways you can do this. You can either go through the content packs page –> Content Pack Marketplace or you can use the “Import Content” in the top left corner.


The easy way is if the you have access to the marketplace, you simply download the packs you need and everything is done automatically. In vRLI 8.1 there is at the moment where I am writing this, an issue with that the Content Marketplace shows up as empty.  This I described along with another issue here. For this reason it makes even more sense to cover the manual import of management packs.

For the manual install I went with a NSX-T management pack, which I downloaded from the VMware Solution Exchange.


Once downloaded we go back to vRealize Log Insight and content packs like above. This time the marketplace looks blank, because I use the FQDN instead of the IP only. Click on “+ Import Content Pack”


You are presented with two options. The one we want is the first one, Install Content Pack. Content packs are made available for everybody with access to the vRLI. The second option is for personal content only visible for you. Once you select the .vlcp file then click on import.

Once import is done then there are usually some tasks to complete for the configuration to take effect. These are listed on the last page. If you close the window by mistake you can find the setup instructions on the gear leaver next to VMware – NSX-T header and under “Setup Instructions”


That is all, have fun with the customising your vRealize Log Insight experience.