Stretched vSAN 7, finalizing the upgrade – Part 3

In this post I want to finalize the upgrade of the stretched vSAN. You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here if you only just found the final part.

Now that we have upgraded the vCenter and gone through replacing the witness The next step is to update the ESXi hosts. This you can do either with an ISO, mounting this and running the upgrade by rebooting it or you can use the Update inside vSphere to update. I am not going to spend much time on this as it’s something you should be quite familiar with.

After that is completed and you have your two vSAN nodes back online in latest edition you can continue with the disk upgrade and then taking care of objects.

Going on the vSAN cluster and under configure and then Disk management you can upgrade the format of the disks. In our case because of vSAN 6.6 the version is 5. This should be 14 with vSAN in 7.0.2.

It is highly recommended that you do the Pre check upgrade first.

As you can see the version is already 14 with the vSAN witness because we deployed a new version there. If there are no issues, then go ahead with the upgrade. You will get a warning like here:

Press upgrade and the upgrade starts. You will see several tasks taking place in the recent tasks. the upgrade is relatively fast from my experience.

After this is completed you should see all disks now being on version 14.

Finally check in Monitoring –> Skyline that all is ok and green. my warnings are due to a nested environment and that I don’t use the Support insight.

As you can see it is a relatively straight forward progress to update vSAN, but it may take some time due to the vCenter upgrade.