The vExpert Program

What is a vExpert?

A vExpert is a person, who is dedicating themselves to the community. These people spend time helping others in the VMware realm. They do this in a number of ways, for example:

  • Through blogs, giving technical help and describing how they solve problems.
  • Give presentations at conferences like vMUG or other community events.
  • Providing helpful answers on the VMware Community Forums

It is all about helping one another, it is strictly not something you do through your comany. You do it through your own desire to help others.

Why should you become a vExpert?

You basically want to help other people learning and understanding all things VMware. You most likely have a passion for something relating to virtualisation, VMware or some of the vendors who have services that run in VMC (VMware Cloud) or On premise vSphere. Becoming a vExpert is about the community. We have Slack where we spend the majority of time communicating. There are certain benefits to becoming a vExpert such as for example licenses for labbing but this should not be why you do it.

How do you become a vExpert?

There are two windows per year, where you can apply to become a vExpert. Normally the window in the beginning of the year runs from December to January with announcements made during February. If you miss that window all is not lost, there is a second chance to apply during June/July. The application must be renewed every year. You can apply through the portal.

When you apply you need to select a few things and provide details of the application. Empty applications are rejected and applications which are from work are usually also rejected. What you want to show is that you are doing this for the community not for your day job.

The first step is to select the path you want apply through. (one note, save the application frequently to avoid loosing important details in the application).

There are 4 options.

  1. Customer
  2. Partner
  3. Evangelist
  4. VCDX (These are automatically accepted when applying, but checked against the VCDX directory).

The first 2 times I applied as partner, but as my blog grew I moved more to using the evangelist path and this is now the normal way for me to apply.

Next you need to supply the content that would qualify you as a vExpert. This means put blog posts, put events and places where you may have been speaking. Add other media. Always provide examples of this where you can.

Another way of providing material is to show what tools and resources you may have provided to the community. If you have things that have been published on VMware flings for example these are great examples to put in your application.

VMware programs, add what programs you may already be a member off, for example I add Pro as I am in the vExpert Pro group.

Finally remember to add other activities if you have. It all counts and helps toward a successful application. If you have people who can reference your work add these people and the reference that they have provided.

The most important thing to show is that you care and care enough to fill in a proper application. Applications that show little or no interest are usually rejected.

If you want to contactout to a vExpert pro you can find the directory here and there’s also Facebook and Linkedin Groups. The vExpert page also has more information.