VRA – Custom Groups

So what are custom groups?

Custom groups are groups created by the tenant administrator. You can combine other groups, use identity store groups.

They are used to give access on a specific level. This is for administrative access in VRA, where as for example business groups is more minded on the general business and how that is organized.

I will create two groups in my environment, one for Users and one for Administrators.

The Administrator group will have all rights and the users will have no rights (though will at least be able to access the environment).

You need a tenant admin to create the groups so we will do this in the tenant I have for my first site.

So log on to your vra host with the /vcac/org/tenantname at the end and log into the tenant that was created in the last post: Here and log on as tenant administrator.

In there go to Administration and Users and Groups and select custom groups:


Click on the New on the top to create a new custom group.

Fill in the details. DO note that you see the authorities for the group added on the lower right.


Click next to continue.

Search for the group to add. Since we are adding the admin group we search for that and add it. Click on finish to complete the creation of the new group.


Repeat the steps for the users group but do not select any privileges and we should have two groups now.


That is all there is to creating the groups, now lets see if we can log in with a normal user and the AD VRA admin. So log out of the tenant, and you should be able to log in with the users in your groups and check the different levels of access.