vRO and vROps Integration

vRops comes with a feature that allows for automatic remediation of issues. To use this you can integrate it with vRealize Automation or vRealize Orchestrator. in this post i will cover how to integrate vRO and vROps

First you need to get the management pack, which you can find here. Next it is important to note that this works with vROps Advanced or Enterprise only.

Once the management pack is downloaded you go to the administration part of vRops and start you can add the management pack there under repository, the steps are covered here.

Once the Management pack has been added you need to configure it.

To do this go to the “Other Accounts” just above the Repository in the Administrator tab. and click on Add Account

Click on the vRO tile and enter the information requested. Port should be set to 443. The rest is relatively self-explanatory. I used the vCenter admin account in this example but you can add a service account in vRO with Ad integration and that way use a more appropriate account.

Valide that the settings, once you get an OK, hit the add button and the integration is done. You will see vRO listed in the “Other Accounts” section but with a warning because no data is collected yet. This should go away after a few moments.

After a few minutes it turns green (NSX and vRNI are on warning because the environments are powered down).

That’s it for the integration, next is doing demoing how the integration can help you make vROps more powerful.