vROps 8 – Utilizing vRLI for intelligent log management

Another nice feature in vROps and probably also a reason why I have a second part of the series here is that you can integrate VMwares syslog server, Log Insight, with vROps Dashboards. You will see the vRLI interface and you have a single pane from vROps to use log message to troubleshoot.

So I wanted to just go through here and show how to set it up as it is relatively straight forward.

On the Home tab if you go to Troubleshooting and Using logs, there is a nice video to explain how it all works.

To set it up go to: Administration –> Management –Integrationsvrli-01

Click on VMware vRealize Log Insight

Fill in the details and test the connection.


You (hopefully) get a message that says test was successful. Click save at the bottom of the page.vrli-03

That is pretty much it. Now when you go to the Using logs page (Home –> Troubleshoot    –> Using logs).

The second part I wanted to cover is that since vRLI is a syslog server, we can also forward logs from vROps to vRLI. To configure this, you go to Administration –> Management –> Log forwarding.

Tick the check box on top and then select the logs you want to forward in the box.

Finally, fill in the details about Log Insight Servers, Host, Protocol to use, port and cluster name of vROps. Click Apply changes and you are all set.


It is that easy 🙂

To verify that you get logs, simply go to: Home –> Troubleshoot –> Using Logs. Do a search for your vrops cluster name and you should see some hits from the last couple of minutes: