vROps – Activating vSAN collection

This is probably one of the shorter blogs I will do in a while, however still important.

I recently enabled vSAN in on site where I happen to have some flash storage around.

Since version 8 of vROps vSAN dashboards are built in, but you still have to configure them.

Right clicking on the package only shows you the content of the management pack.

So in stead go to Cloud Accounts and select the vCenter where vSAN is enabled. Click on the three vertical dots to the left of the vCenter and select edit.

Once you are in the vCenter part of the Cloud Account, go tot he second tab in the upper middle, which says vSAN.

Then flip the push button in the middle, validate the connection. You get a window that says the connection  is successful.

That is it. Click save at the bottom of the screen to save the configuration. One little detail is, once it is enabled, you can not disable it. As you can see below here, the vsan configuration is green but dimmed a bit.

If you go back to the repository screen you should now see that vSAn shows up with one account (in my case).

If you go to Environment and on the overview have a quick look you should see vSan showing up. On the alerts on top right, you should see that vSAN is data receiving (NSX-T and vRNI are shutdown, hence the error).

So that is kind of all for this part.