Do you want to join the vExpert Community

Have you ever wanted to become a vExpert? Personally, I became a vExpert in 2019. I became this because I had a good mentor who helped me in my endavours. Since then I joined the vExpert Pro community back in 2023 I worked with people to become vExperts and guiding them with applications and requirements and how best approach this. My good friend Wouter and I hatched an idea during this year on how we could help people in the process to get over the hurdle easier. Wouter setup a call for Monday from 8-9 PM CET and I will host a session on Thursdays at the same time also. However if you can’t meet those times for whatever reason send a request to this email or to me on here and I will try to accomodate when possible. We will from time to time have other people from the vExpert community joining these calls also.

If you are interested in joining the vExpert Office Hours drop me an email at so I can add you to either or both of the calendar invitations.


– How often will you run this?This will be weekly untill applications close

– How late is this in my time zone?You can use this link to convert the time to your local time.

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