vROps upgrading to 8.1 (Part 2) – The Application Remote Collectors

With the vROps upgrade to 8.1 it is time for the Application Remote Collectors (ARC). This step is only necesary if you have  Application Remote Collectors installed. vRops ARC  for 8.0 is not compatible with 8.1 so I need to upgrade to ARCs in my environment. This is not done as part of the process when upgrading vROps itself. If you didn’t do the upgrade on the analytics cluster yet, then part 1 is here.

This process works also when upgrading from 8.1.0 to 8.2.

The VAMI Upgrade process

As I see this, it is a two step process.

  1. Upgrade the ARC from the VAMI
  2. Upgrade agents for the hosts

I have snapshots that I took when I did the upgrade of vROps in part 1 so logging into the ARC VAMI (https://fqdn:5480):

17 - VAMI

And then going to the update tab.

18 -Update-Available

Clicking on Check Update will do the check for you. Next click on Install Updates. Click OK to continue in the prompt. The Installation starts immediately.

19 -Installation-ARC

Wait for it to finish. This takes around 10 Minutes.

20 -Reboot

After this completes you need to reboot the ARC.

Once complete you should be able to go to the vROps and upgrade the agents. Notice you may not see that the ARCs are listed as being the installed version right away. vROps polls every 5 minutes. AS you can see here, one ARC is still on the old version, while the other has been polled since the restart.

21 -ARC-Upgraded

Once both ARCs shows the same version, the step is complete and it is time for the Telegraf agents.

Agent updates

Now it is time for the final part (hopefully) of this upgrade. It is time to upgrade the agents. For this you need to go to the Administration –> Inventory and Manage Agents

22 -Agent-Inventory

I sorted mine after agents installed already and then you can select them to upgrade the agent version. I tend to do it per OS at first. So adding a second filter for Operating Systems and then highlighting those VMs and clicking on “Update”. You should not be prompted for a username and password. vROps already takes care of this for you after you installed the agents initially.

23 -Update-Linux

If you do a refresh you should see that the Column with Last Operation Status is running.

24 -Update-Status

Most of these should be successful. If one fails you can select it and rerun the update. At the end the Agent version should have changed from your old version to (at the moment of writing this). I suspect this again comes down to the polling interval of 5 minutes (default).

25 -Update-Linux-done

After that I ran it for Windows, which also ran without problems.

Make sure that you get data from the agents after the upgrade and remember to remove the snapshot from the ARCs and we are done here.

26 -Final




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